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Thursday, December 30, 2010


Whenever I start a conversation with K by saying, “Y’know what I’m thinking…?”  He ALWAYS quickly jumps in and says, “Yes.  ‘Shooooooooz.’” As in shoes.  Right.  Like that’s all I ever think about.  C’mon, my brain is filled with a few more thoughts than just shoes.  It’s more like, “Shoooooz.  Chocolate.  Shooooooz.  What should I make for dinner?  Shooooooooooooooooooooooooz.”

Yes, like most women, I have a deep, abiding love/lust for shoes.  It started when I was very young and has persisted into my adulthood.  If I had the means to be Imelda Marcos, I would be. 

So on Christmas morning, you can imagine my utter delight at being genuinely surprised by receiving TWO pairs of new shoes!  The first were running shoes from my incredibly thoughtful husband.  I have needed a new pair in the worst way but kept putting off buying them because some other little expense would pop its annoying head right in my face and cackle viciously as my plans for new runners were once again relegated to the back burner.

Hot pink running shoes!  I wish these would've worked.
This is how I know that K does occasionally listen to me.  He’d ordered the pair of running shoes because I’d mentioned a couple of times that I’d seen that the new Saucony Kinvaras had some good reviews and was interested in trying some out.  Well, he thoughtfully ordered them but they ended up being a half-size too small and when we did manage to get out and shop, I found my love for Brooks is still burning strong, so that’s what I ended up with.
My feet are happy in my Brooks Ghost 3

The other shoes were sassy peep-toe booties from my daughters that once again displayed K’s attentiveness.  He’d apparently heard me mention more than once that some booties were just what I needed to update my wardrobe.  OK, I realize that it’d take more than just some booties to update my nothing-but-jeans-and-t-shirts-and-workout-clothes wardrobe.  But I had convinced myself that’s all I needed.   So he had the girls help pick out a pair.  And I must say they did extremely well.  I loved the high spiky heels and slight platform sole (I was at least 6’4” with them on) and the lace-up detail was rockin’!

Check these out!

But as I sat there and drank in their beauty and delicious impracticality, it hit me that what I really did need and, in fact, really did want when it all came down to it, was practicality.  Another rant K has heard from me lately is that it’s ridiculous that I don’t have any decent hiking boots to wear to Red Rock Canyon and Mt. Charleston for our climbing and hiking outings.  I mean, we’re out there weekly, if not more, and I end up wearing the oldest, rattiest shoes I have because I don’t mind if I get them dirty and scuffed.  But what I really need is a sturdy pair that can withstand the terrain and conditions I put them through and feel good while doing it.

I tried on the sassy booties.  I saw how smokin’ they looked with some hot-pink tights, but I realized that I just wouldn’t get the same value and use from them that I would from a pair of sturdy, comfortable and practical hiking boots.  With the kind of lifestyle I have, I’d wear the booties maybe a few times a year.  And I would indeed love feeling so stylish and edgy while strutting down… well, the grocery aisle, I guess.  See what I mean? As much enjoyment as I would surely get out of the occasional fashion upgrade, it’s a much bigger – and more frequent – rush for me when I lace up some new athletic performance shoes in preparation for my next sporting venture.

So at this time when, for us, every dollar counts, I responsibly packed up the whimsical foot candy and returned it to the store and will now focus some energy on finding the right hiking boot.

These could work.  They're Keen's "Red Rock"... perfect!
Sometimes you should simply enjoy your presents and the spirit in which they are given but sometimes it makes more sense to redirect the love and kindness of others by investing in a more suitable and rewarding gift.  If they love you, they’ll understand… and be happy that you’re happy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our Rainy Day Adventure

A rare sunless morning in Vegas

As nice as we have it here in Vegas during winter, it is still sometimes hard to convince ourselves that we want to bundle up and exercise/play outdoors.  But K didn't get to ride his bike to work this weekend due to the rainy, blustery weather and wanted to make up for it by doing a run this morning.  He planned to head off jogging out toward Redrock Canyon and have us girls meet him out there to hike around and scramble. 

We named this "Gigantic Puddle Lake"

When he suggested it the night before, I told him that was a great idea and he could drive the girls home while I ran back.  We'd attempted this before about a week ago, but it was in the afternoon and it got too dark for me to safely do my run home (darn!).

Lots of great rocks to throw

I have to admit I was kind of regretting my late-night enthusiasm come morning.  Although it wasn't too rainy (slightly sprinkling on and off), it was chilly and dreary and it was... well, it was morning (I'm not an AM kinda gal).

But K took off before I could offer much of a protest and I had no choice but to stick to the plan.  Well, I guess I could've just stayed home but that wouldn't have been very nice, now, would it?  It's about 6 miles out to Calico Basin where we met him before, so I gave him about 45 minutes and then we headed out.  We found him plugging along the road about 4.5 miles away from the house and he was ready to be picked up.  Exhaustion was unsurprisingly setting in after his usual all-work, no-sleep weekend schedule. 

Displaying some majorly muddy shoes

So although we didn't make it out to Calico to hike, we'd spotted a new lake that formed in the drainage basin on the way and just had to stop there to check it out.  The girls were absolutely thrilled to run around, throw rocks and "Pooh sticks" (as they called them) into the lake and get muddy!  We almost lost a couple shoes!

Ah, the joy of getting dirty
 And, no, I didn't get out of my run home again (darn!).  Believe me, I gave a pretty decent attempt at wimping out by muttering some of my misgivings about the bad weather and my near ankle-sprain in the mud but K wasn't having it.  He mercilessly booted me out of the car at the corner.  Well, he did display a little leniency by at least driving to the 3 mile mark. 

And it was all down hill. 

I even brought a change of clothes! 
See, sometimes I'm on the ball.

It's good for us to have him around. 

It was a great morning!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Yummy In The Tummy: Homemade Bread

Soft Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Mmmmm.  Homemade bread.  It's one of my favorite memories from childhood and one that I want to give to my own daughters.  What's funny is that while growing up, having fresh, whole wheat bread wasn't all that special because we had it all the time.  In fact, sometimes I enjoyed eating the store-bought because it gave me a break from "brown bread". 

But after its absence from my life for many years, homemade bread has reentered with a vengeance!  I mean, I'm totally going bonkers on the stuff.  There's a good side and a bad side to that.

The good:  It tastes amazing; my house smells amazing; it's cheaper in the long run than buying it in the store; most recipes are whole grain and healthy; it's so easy!

The not-so-good:  It ain't calorie-free and we've been eating A LOT of it lately.

Ten Grain Bread
 I found a great book that has so many good recipes and I want to try them all so I keep making it and making it and eating it and eating it.  Some of our faves so far:  Soft whole wheat sandwich bread (we live on this), roasted garlic bread (incredible), anadama corn bread, ten-grain bread, whole wheat banana bread (K has requested that I never make this one again because it's too good).

I wish I was getting paid to endorse this!

I don't have a bread maker but over the years I'd attempted to make some bread just kneading it by hand and that got old real quick.  Then I ran across this gem:  Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day, by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois.  You can make pan loaves and artisan loaves, pizza crust and even incredible hamburger buns.  All without kneading!

I'm not only enjoying it because it's so yummy but I think I'm getting a kick out of how domestic it makes me feel.  Also, it's priceless, the reaction you get, when presenting someone with a fresh loaf of homemade bread.  They first look at you like you're the inventor of pants or something and then they drop their eyes to gaze in wonder and caress their new treasure as if they were cuddling their newborn for the first time. 

It's a great way to make someone's day.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

July at Christmastime

Near Red Rock Canyon

Here we are well-advanced into December and we've been able to still get out and do summertime activities!  Long family bike rides are what most people across the country do in July.  Except us southwesterners.  We go out in the winter and stay inside (except to go to the pool!) in the summer.  Does that make us, like, weather vampires?

We've certainly been enjoying the pleasant temperatures lately and have been trying to get out and take advantage of them. 

Taking a break to check out some flood tunnels
 under the road
 Of course we were bitten by the snow bug on our trip to Logan so we'll need to get up to Mt. Charleston again before too long for more sledding....  And we hope to pull off a couple of ski trips in the new year.  We got free tickets to the newly re-opened Eagle Point Ski Resort in Beaver, UT, so I'll have report on that. Yeehaw!

You'll notice that these traditional wintertime adventures that I mention do involve visits to some snowy climes; however, they are but brief, recreational jaunts that hold the assurance of a timely return to our agreeable desert climate.  I have not the need to live in snow ever again as long as I can conveniently travel to it, enjoy it at my discretion, and then abandon it whenever the heck I want.

R on the slopes last winter
 I've turned into such a desert rat!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Memories From Workouts Past

Z getting an early start at 1-arm pushups on the Bosu
 At this time of year when many of us recall memories from Christmases past, I recently ran across several pictures that brought up memories of my favorite workouts past.  All of them include working out with my girls and, although they may not have been my BEST workouts in terms of difficulty or intensity, they are my favorites because exercising with my daughters always makes it seem more like play than like work.
Why park your car in the garage when you can use it as a gym!?
Not too bad with one little butterball.

A little tougher with two!

Our princess in boxing gloves

The champ!
Our back yard is tiny, but plenty big for our workouts.

Yes, that's an ab wheel that she's running all around the back yard with...
and enjoying it immensely!

We've gotten so much use out of our mini-tramp, it's ridiculous...
and it's about had it!

Donkey calf raises with my little burro

Boofy (name of her dog) calf raises
 And the park is our big outdoor gymnasium!

See what I mean by fun!?

What a great workout!
 My home workouts with the girls really do kick my butt.  Not 100% of the time like I want, but close to it.  I usually will do them circuit-style with high intensity bursts of various exercises while the girls are preoccupied with their own activities and consider it a rest interval when I have to stop briefly to refill sippies or help them in the potty.

May there be many more wonderful Christmases workouts next!

Friday, December 3, 2010

A Shot In The Arm

I feel like I just got a shot of Pep-Up in my system!  Aside to family:  remember when Dad would mix up that nasty drink in the blender?  Yuck!

My Mom-in-law will have a hard time believing this, but she inspired me on the fitness front!  I was so proud of her when she told me that she worked out a few days ago (she's been wanting to do this regularly for a while).  She took my advice and kept it uncomplicated to start.  She simply went up and down the stairs in her house about 10 times until she was winded and felt her muscles start to cramp.  I love it!  Her workout was unfussy yet effective for her and the big deal is she DID it!  Now keep the ball rolling, Mom!

The fact that she DID something is what inspired me the most because I myself have been doing NOTHING lately for workouts and eating EVERYTHING for energy consumption (a softer way to say "pigging-out").  Yeah, bovine-inspired eating does not pair well with sloth-inspired behavior.

See, we do have beautiful fall days in Vegas...
They just happen in December.

She told me this on Wednesday so that night I did 10 or so squats in the shower.  Woot woot.  But then I almost slipped so that ended that.  On Thursday K came through and got us out hiking at Red Rock Canyon that afternoon.  I even did some trail running.  Not something I planned on, but it was forced upon me by the girls:  they INSISTED that we run up the rocky trails at regular intervals.  We've created monsters!

And then this glorious desert winter morning we got out to the park and biked and ran and played and had a blast.  My upward spiral is starting again.  And I've had so much more energy from the workouts despite fighting a cold and getting to bed too late.

My recommendation to those that might also be lagging:  Do something - anything - and it will start that positive momentum.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Our Thanksgiving Workout

Our workout equipment during the Thanksgiving holiday?  SNOW!!!

If only it weren't so darn cold.

Here's the workout:  Do the activities in these pictures several times, all day long for about two days in a row.

Talk about a killer calorie burn!

Exercise #1:  Snow shoveling

Exercise #2:  Snowball fights

Exercise #3:  Build snow forts

Exercise #4:  Lots . . .

...and lots...

...and lots of sleddding!

Yeah, baby!

Happy Thanksgiving!