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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Do It Anyway

“Though you won’t get it perfect, do it anyway.  Though you don’t think you have the time, do it anyway.  Though others may find fault and criticize, do it anyway.

Though you can think of a lot of reasons not to, do it anyway.  Though you’ve been disappointed in the past, do it anyway.  Though it will challenge you and make you a little uncomfortable, do it anyway.  Though it will take some time and effort, do it anyway.

You know what must be done.  You know what actions will bring you the results you desire.  You know what is right and what is wrong.  You can spend a lifetime making excuses, thinking of reasons why not, but where would that get you?  Touch your own sense of excellence and do the right thing.  Do what must be done.  Do it anyway, in spite of all the excuses.  Do it anyway.  Make a difference.  Get somewhere.  Take yourself to the next level.

See, I did it!
Do it anyway and you’ll be glad you did.”

This is posted on my bathroom wall on the left-hand side at eye level when seated on a certain common lavatory furnishing.  It happened to catch my eye as I paused for a moment to unwind after making Saturday a “Special Day”.  I had gotten the girls bathed and to bed, mopped the house, folded a few loads of laundry and was contemplating just calling it a night.  It was 10:00 after all, and my previous plans to get a 3 mile run in today had all but faded away.  But then I turned my head.  And read this quote.  Now I know why I posted it on my wall.  Because, by golly, I laced up my darn runnin’ shoes and headed out to that darn treadmill and ran those darn 3 miles.  I didn’t want to do it AT ALL.  But, you guessed it, I’m soooo glad I did.

Of course this is meant to be applied to ANY challenging aspect of life.  I’m not even sure who gets credit for making that statement, but (s)he knows what (s)he’s talking about.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Lazy Trainer and Her Lazy Family

Who wouldn't want to win these pretty babies?!
This is the trophy awarded to the winner!
Actually, I’m excited to report that this just might be the least lazy year for my whole family in a while.  Why? you ask.  Because it’s the First Annual (oh yeah, fam, we’re doing this every year until we die!) GOLDEN SNEAKER CHALLENGE. 

To be fair, not everyone in my family is lazy.  Regardless of anyone’s health status, though, I figure we all can commit to making sure the year 2011 is full of good, healthy pursuits that will help us improve our lives. 

I had everyone choose one main health-related goal to work on this year and, come December, we will all vote on whom we believe deserves to be awarded the coveted “Golden Sneaker Award”.  Plus we’re all pitching in to a money pot because - I don’t know ‘bout you - but the potential to win cash always lights a fire under my britches.

We have quite a variety of goals.  Many have chosen weight-loss as their focus.  Others have some 5Ks, marathons or triathlons in their sights.  A few others include a decrease of 5% body fat; losing 4.5 inches from the waist; and a reduction of a hemoglobin A1c level to 5%.  See, all kinds of fun stuff.

Along the way to keep things interesting and motivating we will be able to earn points by participating in monthly challenges to win the “Not-So-Dumbbell Award”.  The person with the most points at year’s end wins that one, which also includes a cool prize as added incentive.  Por ejemplo:  January’s Challenge is to list AT LEAST 3 actions you will take in order to realize your Golden Sneaker goal.

I have to say, I am quite proud of my family.  Although not all of them have jumped into this challenge with the same enthusiasm that I have had in issuing it, most of them have committed to it quite cheerfully and with minimal feet-dragging.

I have declared this a “friendly” competition; so, let the games begin!  Oh, but lest you think otherwise:  it’s on… like Donkey Kong.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Thanks... And Sorry

Not some of our better times.

Dad, Mom, I’m sorry.  And thank you.  Now, these two statements could pertain to pretty much everything during my 37-year relationship with you, so let me explain…

First, I’m sorry.  I’m sorry I’ve been a whiney, bratty, maddening, annoying, exasperating daughter that you probably just wanted to drop-kick, throttle and then slap silly more than a few times.  I think that describes my overall temperament during both my early and late childhood, but in this particular instance, I’m referring to my behavior in sporting and outdoor adventures.  I was such a wimpy, whiney, scared-y cat.  I’m sorry, Dad, that you had to put up with my whining and whimpering while endlessly trying to convince me to point my ski tips in, turn the corner and glide down the slope – when you’d much, much rather be enjoying some glorious skiing of your own.  I’m sorry, Mom, that you had to sit on the dock with me, probably bored, while we watched the other kids splash around in Lake Chelan because I was too scared of the “lake-weed” that would grab my legs.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg…

Those of us actually enjoying the sledding trip.

But, mostly, thank you.  Thank you for all the patience, tolerance and long-suffering that you did exercise toward me during all those aggravating times.  Not that you guys are saints or anything – I remember wailing and gnashing of teeth on both sides – but now as a parent, I realize the monumental effort that you must have put forth in order to always remember that you did, in fact, love me and want me to be happy.  I know it was because of your imperfect patience that I was able to mature into a fun-loving and active person that’s willing to jump in and try a lot more things than I used to be.

The instant we walked in the door after that disastrous trip
they insisted on putting on their swimsuits. 
I kid you not.  Stinkers.
 My own daughters now are the joy of my life and I get no greater contentment and satisfaction than when we are together as a family enjoying some sort of escapade during this marvelous journey of life.  But – oh – can my mad-o-meter go from 0-60 in 3 seconds flat when the crying and simpering and blubbering for no good reason commence and continue way beyond my tolerance level.

Now this is more like it!
This is at the park down the street a few days later.
 For example, New Year’s Eve, we headed up to Mt. Charleston with some friends to enjoy the recent snowfall and get in some good winter fun.  We’d taken the girls sledding about a month earlier and they loved it.  Now with the temperature a lot colder and the snow a lot deeper, our girls weren’t quite as into it this time.  Z started crying during the bundling-up process before she’d even been exposed to the rough elements!  R did enjoy a number of sledding runs but got frustrated with trying her little pair of skis in the deep snow and her initial good mood quickly unraveled… it was all downhill (ha ha) from there.

These are the kind of snow days we like.
 So, I was stuck in the car with the whiney woo-woos while K got in a few more snowboarding runs with our friends and their sons.  Once the girls calmed down, it all started back up again when we tried to get them out of the car for a quick picture.  So we took it without them while they bawled in the back seat.

Oh, I love them.  Oh, they exasperate me.  I will never give up on them nor will we give up our quest for adventure despite the frustrating mishaps.  After all my parents never gave up on me.

 I just try to keep the big picture in mind because I guess I ended up turning out pretty darn well after all – didn’t I, Mom and Dad?

Smiling the whole time.  This is why I keep 'em around.